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Interested In Joining The Backwater Family?

Want to make your day job an adventure?

Below is a breakdown of what we want to know to better select the right candidate. 

Backwater Cat Adventure is seeking potential franchisees for Backwater Cat Adventure boat tours. Prospective franchisees should demonstrate an interest in the opportunity, outline their long-term goals for the franchise, detail their professional background and experience, and address business ownership and management experience. Experience in the hospitality or leisure industry is a plus.

The applicant's chosen location for the franchise should be explained, including any secured marina space of at least 35 feet. Market research demonstrating demand in the selected location is crucial. Financial readiness, with an investment of around $200,000, is necessary to sustain the franchise, along with an understanding of the initial investment and ongoing fees, including 5% of gross sales.

Commitment in terms of daily and weekly involvement is important. Relevant skills and qualities that contribute to the franchise's success, including comfort with customer service and guest interaction, should be highlighted.

Expectations from the franchise opportunity should be clearly stated, along with willingness to adhere to established operational and marketing procedures outlined by the franchisor within the franchise system.

Adaptability to new systems and processes is valued, as well as the ability to handle challenges and changes in the business environment. Consideration of an exit strategy in case of leaving the franchise in the future is also recommended.

Note* Applicant does not have to meet all desired qualities to qualify.

If a question does not apply to you, please explain why to the best of your ability.


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