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2020 Backwater Cat - Craigcrat Killer

Introducing the
2023 Backwater Cat
The Go-Kart Of The Water

Experience the thrill of exploration and relaxation with the Backwater Cat Sport Model boat, a cutting-edge 12-foot catamaran designed to redefine your on-water adventures. Crafted with precision and innovation, this versatile vessel promises to deliver an unparalleled experience whether you're seeking fishing excursions, leisurely cruises, or a tranquil escape on the water.


2023 Backwater Cat.png
Key Features

Optimal Size and Dimensions:

With an overall length of 13' 10" when equipped with the engine and a manageable storage length of 15'8" (on trailer), the Backwater Cat Sport Model strikes the perfect balance between compact convenience and functional space.

Stability and Draft: Designed for stability and smooth handling, the boat boasts a draft of 8", ensuring effortless navigation even in shallow waters.

Spacious Beam and Comfort: The boat's generous beam (width) of 5'8" provides ample space for up to 2 passengers. Comfort is further enhanced by cushioned seating and a soft bimini top, offering protection from the elements.

Thoughtful Storage Solutions: The Backwater Cat Sport Model comes equipped with underdeck storage/cooler compartments, ensuring that you have plenty of room for stowing away your gear, catch, or refreshments


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2023 Backwater Cat

Endless Exploration On The Backwater Cat

Backwater Cat In Action

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